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10 German words you need to know

Those who study or studied German in the past know that it is not an “impossible” language, but even an enjoyable challenge, as it tests us daily. Mark Twain, the American writer known for his troubled relationship with German, which he did not like, but found extremely stimulating, used to say, “My philological studies have […]

10 German words that every language should have

They say that the language of a nations reflects its culture and mentality, even more so if there are words that can’t be directly translated in other languages.   These are precisely the most interesting words to study or observe with attention because they allow us to really grasp a different culture and norms. So […]

5 German expressions that you won’t forget easily

Are you studying the language of the devil and you don’t know to which saint to turn to anymore? No panic! We put together an exhaustive list of common German expressions that you will hardly forget. So close your grammar books and follow us!   1. Arschgeige (r. Arsch = ass, e. Geige = violin); […]

50 steps to become the perfect Berliner

Today we would like to talk about a very special book, How to be German (in 50 easy steps). It is an unpretentious manual whose intention is to transform the reader in a perfect teutonic mutant, with all the merits, tribulations and idiosyncrasies that derive from it. Supported by ironic illustrations for each step it […]