German Classes from 192 € per month. Study at Berlino Schule. Our courses starting this month

German classes in Berlin? The answer is Berlino Schule. Don’t skip any of these opportunities!

It is your first time in Berlin, or you have been living in Berlin for quite a lot of time, but you still have the feeling you cannot speak German fluently? Don’t worry. You are neither the first nor the last to experience this. This is why it is extremely important to rely on the right school. Berlino Schule provides you with qualified teachers, who have been teaching German for lots of years. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn “this (not) impossible” language in an international environment!

Berlino Schule has the best quality-price ratio: it can provide you with a proper language education, with qualified and German native teachers from just 4€/hour. Moreover, whether you are in need of an accommodation, we can help you find the right one for you.

Berlino Schule provides students with three kinds of German courses: intensive (morning), extensive (evening) and private lessons (also on Skype).

Accommodation. Mission impossible? No panic! Berlino Schule has established agreements with some landlords to make your 2 or 4 weeks in Berlin as easier as possible. If you are interested, you can contact the school and we will provide you with a list containing all the info you need.

Our German intensive courses

Our intensive courses are held in the morning. Classes used to take place for 4 weeks, Tuesday-Friday (4 times a week), from 8.45 to 11.15 or from 11.40 to 14.20 for a total amount of 48 hours.

Price: 192 euro + 20 euro registration fee

Our German intensive courses – October

A1.1 1 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

A1.2 1 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

A2.1 1 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

A2.2 1 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

B1.1 1 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

B1.2 1 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

B2.1 1 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

Our German intensive courses – November

A1.1 29 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

A1.2 29 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

A2.1 29 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

A2.2 29 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

B1.1 29 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

B1.2 29 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

B2.1 29 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

Our German intensive courses – December

A1.1 26 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

A1.2 26 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

A2.1 26 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

A2.2 26 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

B1.1 26 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

B1.2 26 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

B2.2 26 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

Look at our calendar to find out our German intensive courses! 

Our German intensive courses in the afternoon

Our German intensive courses in the afternoon take place every day, from Monday to Friday (5 days/ week) from 14:30 to 17:10. Our next courses are starting on 7th October.

Price: 192 euro + 20 euro registration fee

Our next German afternoon courses

A1.1 7 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Mo-Fr 14:30-17:10)

B1.1 7 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER (Mo-Fr 14:30-17:10)

Look at our calendar to find out our German intensive courses in the afternoon!

Our German evening courses

Evening German courses last 8 weeks, for a total amount of 48 hours: classes take place twice a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday), 3 hours per day, from 19.15 to 21.40. You can always ask to jump into a class already started (the school will tell whether or not you can do it, depending on your German level and the class capacity)

Price: 240 euro + 20 euro registration fee

Our German evening courses – October/December

A1.1 22 OCTOBER – 12 DECEMBER (TUE and THU 19:15 – 21:40)

A1.2 21 OCTOBER – 11 DECEMBER (MON and WED 19:15 – 21:40)

A2.1 22 OCTOBER – 12 DECEMBER (TUE and THU 19:15 – 21:40)

A2.2 21 OCTOBER – 11 DECEMBER (MON and WED 19:15 – 21:40)

B1.1 22 OCTOBER – 12 DECEMBER (TUE and THU 19:15 – 21:40)

B1.2 21 OCTOBER – 11 DECEMBER (MON and WED 19:15 – 21:40)

Look at our calendar to find out our German evening courses!

Skype/private classes

We want learning to be accessible to everyone, even if you don’t live in Germany or don’t have the time to come to our school. Our individual and Skype classes are made up for beginners (A1.1) and advanced learners (C1). An attendance certificate will be given to you at the end of your eLearning classes. If you want to take individual classes, no previous knowledge is required. Our flexible schedule will meet your specific linguistic needs and working hours. The attendance will be define with the school. The price is 28 € per hour (45 minutes).

Our teachers

The courses are held by teachers with certified experience in the language teaching field. At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be released on demand.

Info and registration

Send an email to and we will reply with all the information you need. Check also our website to know more about Berlino Schule.

Berlino Schule

Gryphiusstraße 23, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

030 36465765

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