German Onsite Classes from 192 € per month: morning, afternoon & evening classes

German classes in Berlin or online? The answer is Berlino Schule. Don’t skip any of these opportunities!

Berlino Schule is back. After a few months of closure, the school has reopened its doors in compliance with all applicable regulations

Berlino Schule has the best quality-price ratio (check the reviews online, 4.9/5 on Google and Facebook): it can provide you with a proper language education, with qualified and German teachers from just 4€/hour. Moreover, whether you are in need of an accommodation, we can help you find the right one for you.

An overview of Berlino Schule’s offer

Berlino Schule offers:

1- German intensive morning courses in class

2- German intensive afternoon courses in class

3- German evening courses in class

4- German collective courses via Skype/Zoom (morning/afternoon/evening): here more info

5- Private German lessons (in class or via Skype)

1- Our German intensive morning courses in class

Our intensive courses are usually held in the morning. Our courses last 4 weeks, classes take place 4 days/ week from Tuesday to Friday, from 8.45 to 11.15 or from 11.40 to 14.10 (according to the monthly calendar) for a total amount of 48 hours. According to the definition of the Common European Framework of Reference for Knowledge of Languages, an hour is made up of 45 minutes.

Price: 192 € + 20 € registration fee

Our next classes (due to the current anti-Covid restrictions our January courses will be held on Zoom)


A1.1 9 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

A1.2 9 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

A2.1 9 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

A2.2 9 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

B1.1 9 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

B1.2 9 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

February – you can still enroll in: 

A1.1 9 FEBRUARY – 5 MARCH (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

A1.2 9 FEBRUARY – 5 MARCH (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

A2.1 9 FEBRUARY – 5 MARCH (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

A2.2 9 FEBRUARY – 5 MARCH (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

B1.1 9 FEBRUARY – 5 MARCH (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

B1.2 9 FEBRUARY – 5 MARCH (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

B2.1 9 FEBRUARY – 5 MARCH (Tue-Fri 8:45-11:15)

B2.2 9 FEBRUARY – 5 MARCH (Tue-Fri 11:40-14:10)

Look at our entire calendar to find out your German morning intensive courses! 

2- Our German intensive afternoon courses in class 

We have two types of intensive German in-class afternoon German courses. Both are composed of 48 hours:

a) Monday to Friday, five days a week, 2:40 pm – 5:10 pm for three weeks.

b) Monday to Friday, five days a week, 5.30 pm – 7 pm for five weeks.

According to the definition of the Common European Framework of Reference for Knowledge of Languages, an hour is made up of 45 minutes.

Price: 192 € + 20 € registration fee


A2.1 15 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Mon-Fri 14:30-17:10)

A2.2 15 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Mon-Fri 14:30-17:10)

B1.1 15 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Mon-Fri 14:30-17:10)

B1.2 15 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Mon-Fri 14:30-17:10)

B2.1 15 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Mon-Fri 14:30-17:10)

B2.2 15 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Mon-Fri 14:30-17:10)

C1.1 15 MARCH – 2 APRIL (Mon-Fri 14:30-17:10)

You can still sign up for (due to the current anti-Covid restrictions our February courses will be held on Zoom):

B1.1 1 FEBRUARY – 19 FEBRUARY (Mon-Fri 14:30-17:10) 

Look at our calendar to find out our entire German intensive courses in the afternoon!

3- Our German evening courses in class

Evening German courses last 8 weeks, for a total amount of 48 hours: classes take place twice a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday), 3 hours per day, from 19.15 to 21.40. Total amount of hours: 48. According to the definition of the Common European Framework of Reference for Knowledge of Languages, an hour is made up of 45 minutes. You can always ask to jump into a class that already started (prior agreement with the school).

Price: 240 € + 20 € registration fee

Our next classes (due to the current anti-Covid restrictions our January courses will be held on Zoom):

A1.2 11 JANUARY – 3 MARCH (Mon und Wed, 19:15-21:40)

A2.1 12 JANUARY – 4 MARCH (Tue and Thu, 19:15-21:40)

Look at our calendar to find out our entire German evening courses!

4- German group courses via Skype & Zoom 

Intensive German courses on Skype: everyday for three weeks in the morning or in the afternoon. Evening German courses on Skype: twice at week for two months.

Both types have total of 48 academic hours (45 minutes each) and a max of 10 students per class. The teacher will connect online with the students, covering topics such as grammar, conversation, vocabulary and exercises. Every student will be able to interact and write during the whole lesson.

Price is for both: 192 € + 20 € of registration fee if it’s the first course with Berlino Schule in the last 12 months.


5- Private classes

In case you do not have time to attend classes neither in the morning nor in the evening, you can book some private classes. Our private classes are split up in “teaching units”, each of which consists of 45 minutes class, according to the definition of the Common European Framework of Reference for Knowledge of Languages. Each teaching unit costs 28 euros either in Berlin (school or where it’s comfortable for you) and on Skype. We generally recommend booking a minimum of 10 units, but you are free to book more or less. In case you decide to book more than 10 units, we are more than happy to offer you a discount (25 euros per unit).

Berlino Schule

Berlino Schule Summer school 2019

Super-intensive courses (Summer school)

Do you want to give a boost to your summer? Would you take advantage of the summer holidays to improve your German, a language which is getting more and more important in the labour market? Are you looking forward to coming to Berlin, a city full of culture, art and nightlife?

The Summer School of Berlino Schule is the study trip you are looking for. If you choose to register for our courses, you will have the possibility to attend super-intensive courses (5 hours per day, for 2 weeks) in the lively and international district of Friedrichshain.

That’s not all. Our students will be offered the chance to join 8 extra activities (i.e. cineforum, walking tours, museums, conversation activities, etc).

Keys of the courses. The ones who have never studied German before, will start with the A1.1 course. After 50 hour of lessons, you will have access to the next course, that is the A1.2 (till the C2 level).

Accommodation. Mission impossible? No panic! Berlino Schule has established some agreements with flats, hostels and hotels to make your studying holiday as easier as possible. If you are interested, you can contact the school and we will provide you with our accomodation list.

Price. A 2-week course (50 hrs of lesson) costs 230 €. If you decide to take part in two of our super-intensive courses, the price is 440 euros instead of 460.

Book the whole package! You would like to attend a super-intensive course, but it is rather difficult for you to find an accomodation? We can provide you with an a single room in some hotels just nearby Berlino Schule. 2 weekly tickets included.

Price for the whole package: accomodation, 2 weekly tickets, super-intensive course, 8 extra activities. Ask for a price quotation!

Summer school calendar

At the moment we don’t have any Summer School

Berlino Schule students

Berlino Schule students

Our teachers and our method

Certified teachers with a lot of experience in the teaching field. Every course is held in the target language, i.e. our teachers speak constantly the language that our students want to learn during the entire lesson. Our method is based on the belief that a total immersion is the most effective way to get better. In case you cannot assess your level, you can contact us and we can send you a placement test. At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance can be issued upon request.

Info and registration

Send an email at and we will reply with all the information you need. Check also our website to know more about our school.

Berlino Schule

Gryphiusstraße 23, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

030 36465765

Facebook page

Instagram profile 

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25 replies
  1. Mie Karaswa
    Mie Karaswa says:

    I’m looking for German Language School for beginner classes.
    Can I use it to apply for a visa in the afternoon class?
    Please tell me the price.

    Best regards,
    Mie Karaswa

  2. Kriti
    Kriti says:

    Yeah I want to join the course but not now because now my winter exam will be start and it will finish at the end of January so I want to be start at march ..

    But I have one question 192 euro is per level like a1.1 fees ya per month we have to pay that fees .

  3. Philip Mazzulla
    Philip Mazzulla says:

    Hello, I am interested in signing up for the A.1 morning course (8:45-11:15) January 7- January 31. Are there spaces available?


    I’m very impressive on Berlino schule,environment and also teaching method is very good.
    Absolutily, i want to join deutsch language clasis on you institude.
    I hope you will eccept my application.

  5. David Zapata
    David Zapata says:

    I would like to ask if there’s a possibility to switch morning with afternoon German courses according to my work schedule, as I have this plan normally in m company (I wish I could choose only mornings for example, but for the moment I’m not allowed).
    Thank you very much!

  6. Chinna Mai Mai Anyamele
    Chinna Mai Mai Anyamele says:

    Goodmorning. I am looking for a placement for B1 for me in the evening, i have a funding document from Arbeitamt and looking for placement to improve my German Laugage

  7. osama mohamed
    osama mohamed says:

    Dear sir ,
    i want to know more of details regarding course fees, course process and how can I apply
    i am staying now in Dubai with a resident visa

  8. Sunny pawar
    Sunny pawar says:

    Dear sir I’m interested your school language courses Germany pls
    admission proses 2020 September courses
    Pls reply me


  9. Fadil
    Fadil says:

    hello I wanted to ask you the evening course is 2 times a week and how much does it cost since it is written but I did not understand clearly

  10. Rajwinderjit
    Rajwinderjit says:

    I want to learn the german A1 level. I am a beginner for german language.
    And space availabe for me in the afternoon batch.
    Please reply.

  11. Patricia Bezerra
    Patricia Bezerra says:

    Hi, ich möchte 1 course, evtl. A1.1 für meine Mutter die 76 ist.
    Azeptieren Sie auch Integration Gutschein? Oder müssten wir selbst bezahlen?

  12. Álvaro Fernández
    Álvaro Fernández says:

    Ciao buongiorno non ce la possibilità di iscrivermi al mattino corso básico a2 di tedesco ho visto che avete iniziato ieri ma per me può andare anche bene .. grazie

  13. Hikama abacha
    Hikama abacha says:

    Ich habe gerade mit Frederike telefoniert ich habe Interesse für abendkurs deutsch A1.2 der am Februar anfängen
    Ein frage habe ich noch wie viel Teilnehmer pro Kurs? Sonst ich möchte anmelden


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