Summer school

Super intensive German classes


Round 1 (8 JULY-19 JULY)

Afternoon (14.30 – 18.45)

Levels: A1.1, A2.1, B2.1

Round 2 (22 JULY-2 AUGUST)

Afternoon (14.30 – 18.45)

Levels: A1.2, A2.2, B2.2

Round 3 (5 AUGUST-16 AUGUST)

Afternoon (14.30 – 18.45)

Levels: A1.1, B1.1, C1.1

Round 4 (19 AUGUST-30 AUGUST)

Afternoon (14.30 – 18.45)

Levels: A1.2, B1.2, C1.2


Do you want to give a boost to your summer? Would you take advantage of the summer holidays to improve your German, a language which is getting more and more important in the labour market? Are you looking forward to coming to Berlin, a city full of culture, art and nightlife?


July and August, from Monday to Friday | 2.30am-6.45am



For further information please contact us:

Previous School’s approval, it is possible to sign up for a course that has already started.