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How can I apply for a student visa?

-> If you have to apply for a Visa

All you have to do is contact your country’s embassy in Germany.
In order to apply for some kind of visas, the embassy may ask you to prove your German level and/or provide them with a confirmation of enrollment in a German course.

-> If this is your case, feel free to contact us

We will do our best to help you with the paperwork concerning your language status (i.e. you can test your language level with one of our teachers and we can provide you with a document stating your level), as well as your studying status (i.e. confirmation of enrollment, confirmation of payment, etc.).

-> We are doing our best to help you!

If the number of hours of the course you want to attend are not enough to apply for your specific visa, we are glad to offer you some hours (according to your needs) of tutoring, without any further cost!

However, please note that although Berlino Schule is willing to help its students, it cannot influence in any way the decision of any embassy, either concerning the acceptance of your request or the duration of your visa.

Here you can find the contacts of the Federal Foreign Office:


Write us!

Based on the kind of VISA you need we can offer you support
Please keep in mind that in order to support you, we need the exact date of your appointment. In case you still don't have one, we won't be able to proceed. You can come back and fill out the form as soon as you have the appointment date.
A German blocked account is a special account in which the visa applicant needs to transfer a sum of money to prove they have the means to finance themselves throughout the first year of their studies. This amount will be blocked in the bank until the student’s arrival in Germany.


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