100 German books that you can download for free on Amazon. Here’s how.

Do you want to read books in German without paying or risking of spending money on texts that you can’t fully understand because the language is too complicated?? Amazon allows you to download for free a list of books written or translated in German for Kindle (eBook).

From “Ein Koffer voller Vorurteile” by Loki Miller to “Notting Hill Blues” by Tania Kindersley passing through “Made in Nature” by Atlant Bier. They are about a hundred and the reviews of readers varies between 5 and 3 stars. There are some very interesting books and you can rely on either the readers’ reviews or by looking for other reviews online. You can read through the list by clicking here!

Enjoy the reading!

Photo: © goXunuReviews CC BY SA 2.0

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