• Analogue camera workshop

    Analogue camera

The Magic of the Past

Analogue camera’s art and magic, impressing moments and lasting emotions through the film.

This course is for people who love photo’s lights and contrasts and want to understand its procedures, how to take a photo and transform it into something that can be touched and framed. Previous knowledge is not necessary. The workshop will be divided into theoretical, outdoor practice and lab experience. There will be workgroups, constantly supervised by the teacher, who will help the students creating their own personal projects.

Don’t worry! If you do not have your own analogue camera, you will use one of the teacher’s cameras. A deposit for any possible damage will be required.


Six meetings, usually on Saturdays



(The amount includes workshop and lab rent where students can develop their works).

Bristol view

The teacher

The workshop is held by Ottavio Sellitti, a professional author of many projects. His last work, Wo ist Elena Ferrante? was exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute, Berlin.

Ottavio Sellitti


->First meeting

Workshop Introduction: students meet and greet. The analogue camera in the present.

->Second meeting

Demonstration lesson: different types of analogue cameras – theoretical aspects.

Every student will choose a photographic book to analyze on the fourth meeting.

Tour at the Analog Camera Fair (5€ entrance), the teacher will advise on buying the right photographic gear.

->Photographic Tour

->Fourth meeting

Students’ analysis of one or more photos of the chosen book, technical summary.

->Photographic Tour

->Fifth meeting, 14:00-15:00 at Stattlab

Developing session and contact sheet printing – 4 students max. for the session – session hours to be decided with students (4 to 6 hour/session).

->Last meeting

Scanned films delivery, works evaluation and conclusion.

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