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Learn how to describe reality through photography

Free trial lesson
What is photography?
The photographic device
Photographic excursion n°1
Photographic excursion n°2
Categories: photographic portrait
Other photographic categories
Last day

IMPORTANT: please send to the teacher 2 of your best pictures in JPEG  and 1280px max for the trial lesson


Every Saturday for a total of 10 meetings from 11.00 to 13.00


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The teacher

Marco Ristuccia was born in Syracuse in 1971. After graduating in Computer Engineering, he moved to Milan where he attended a Master in Professional Photography at the Italian Institute of Photography.

His technical training gave him great analysis capability, detailed study and formal balance to which he added an ironic and grotesque shade.

His works focus more on reportage, documentary and conceptual photography frequently showed in Italian and German photo exhibition.

Amongst his most significant publications, there are Berliner Morgenpost, Chrismon European Photography, The Eye of Photography and Urbanautica.

Marco lives and works in Berlin.


-> Day 1

Meet and greet with the teacher and students
Analysis and discussion of the photographs sent by the students
Introduction of the schedule
IMPORTANT: for the trial lesson please send the teacher 2 of your best pictures.
Format: JPEG; Size: 1280px max long side;
Please send the picture via email: photography@marcoristuccia.com
Email object: “Corso Fotografia base – Berlino Schule”

-> Day 2 – What is photography?

Project assignment to students.
What is photography?
Lie or reality?
Fallacies of photography.
Photographer’s task.
Bibliography and Filmography on photography.

-> Day 3 – The photographic device

Photographic device, opticals.
Sensors, format, resolution.
ISO, digital noise.
RAW format e digital development.
A contemporary artist.

-> Day 4 – Exposure

White balance.
Depth of field.
Dynamic range and HDR.
Mechanical and electronic shutter.
A contemporary artist.
Exposure triangle.

-> Day 5 – Photographic excursion n°1

Topic: working on the language through exposure and depth of field.

Day 6 – Composition

Checking the pictures took on Photographic excursion n°1.
Purpose of the composition: aesthetics or functionality?
Composition Rules.
Composition examples by remarkable authors.
A contemporary artist.

-> Day 7 – Photographic excursion n°2

Photographic excursion: image composition.

-> Day 8 – Categories: photographic portrait

Checking the pictures took on Photographic excursion n°2.
Hints on artificial light (flash).
Hints on mixed lights (natural + flash).
Lights outline.
Remarkable portrait artist.

-> Day 9 – Other photographic categories

Landscape photography:
Long exposures.
Photo stitching.
Architecture Photography:
Perspective Correction.
Reportage and story-telling:
Near action.
Black and White Photography and IR:
Procedure and software’s conversion.
A contemporary artist.

->Day 10 – Last day

Examination and presentation of the project assigned on Day 2.
Hints on photographic editing.
Open presentation on topics/doubts proposed by students.
Advanced course presentation.

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