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Interactive webinars about specific topics of the German language: 90 min, 18 €. Max 16 people

Do you want to go deeper on specific topics about German Grammar and conversation? Berlino Schule offers you different interactive lessons to improve many German language topics. Perfekt, local and temporal prepositions, sentence structure with complements, Präteritum… Berlino Schule’s webinars are just what you are looking for if you want to learn or revise specific […]

Photojournalism course held by Gianluca Pardelli (The Guardian and more) at Berlino Schule

Another edition of photojournalism and documentary photography course held by the Italian photojournalist Gianluca Pardelli is coming soon to Berlino Schule. Starting on September 19th, the course is aimed to provide participants with a basic knowledge of the photographic discipline as one of the most efficient story-telling instruments. The course is structured in eight different units, […]

Winter School! Study German at Berlino Schule for 2 weeks, while enjoying the magic Christmas markets

Berlino Schule’s Winter school: study German for 2 weeks, 230 €, 8 extra activities, Christmas markets and lots of fun! Is there anything better than drinking a cup of hot chocolate while enjoying the magic Christmas atmosphere in Berlin? Would you like to spend some days in Berlin during the winter? Although the weather may […]