Why you should absolutely attend Berlino Schule’s Summer School instead of lying on the beach

Why you should attend one of Berlino Schule’s superintensive courses (5 hours/ day) 

Imagine a day hot as hell. You’re watching TV with your buddy lying on a sofa, while a fan is blowing on a mild breeze. Sweating buckets, pants glued on the pills… you would kill for a cold drink. Out of the blue, your buddy gets up, heading towards the kitchen. It’s your day beyond any doubt – you think.

Fritz Kola oder Club Mate? – He asks while he opens the fridge. 


Trinkst du lieber ein Bier? –

The TV show you have been watching for hours starts talking in a strange way, it looks German…. What the hell is …


And that’s a midsummer night’s dream, not a nightmare! Full immersion is the key to unlock the wonderful world of foreign languages, as you can immerge yourself into a new world, practice your skills, taste new food, discover new cultures. 

And how about doing this super exciting experience during the summer, in a cool and buzzy city like Berlin? Keep calm and don’t dread the adventure, “Übung macht den Meister” as Germans say. It’s just practice that makes everything perfect.

Close your eyes and imagine to bite a Berliner Pfannkuchen or Franzbrötchen for breakfast, then stroll along the Berliner Mauer, the biggest open-air gallery in the world. You end up in a colourful Flohmarkt and enjoy a beer in one of the typical German Biergärten

So, let’s chill out and enjoy our Summer School at Berlino Schule!

The Summer School of Berlino Schule is the study trip you are looking for. If you choose to register for our classes, you will have the possibility to attend super intensive courses of 5 hours per day (from Monday to Friday) for 2 weeks, in a lively and international district of Friedrichshain.

That’s not all!

Students attending the courses at Berlino Schule will be offered the chance to join afternoon activities, related to the German language (i.e. cineforum, walking tours, museums, conversation activities, etc) for a total amount of 8 hours per week.



Keys of the courses

The ones who have never studied German before, will start with the A1.1 course. After 50 hour of lessons, you will have access to the next course, that is the A1.2 (till the C2 level). 


Mission impossible? No panic! Berlino Schule has established some agreements with flats, hostels and hotels to make your studying holiday as easier as possible. If you are interested, you can contact the school and we will provide you with a list containing all the info you need. 

Book the whole package!

You would like to attend a super-intensive course, but it is rather difficult for you to find an accomodation? We can provide you with an a single room in some hotels just nearby Berlino Schule (15 nights) and you can have the chance to get 2 weekly tickets (AB zone). Ask for a price quotation!

The dates

Summer School courses will be held from the 8th of July to the 30th of August and will be every 2 weeks: 8-19 July, 22 July-2 August, 5-16 August, 19-30 August, every day, from 14:30 to 18:45. Here you can find the whole calendar. 

Info and registration 

For further information, contact us at info@berlinoschule.com or visit our website.

Are you still planning on spending summer on your sofa?

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