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Expolingua 2021, the must-attend annual event about languages and cultures in Berlin

Expolingua 2021 is the international fair about languages and cultures in Berlin Have you always had a crush on different languages and cultures? Teaching foreign languages has always been the job of your dreams? Or maybe, you cannot help translating everything you read?! If that’s the case, you should not miss Expolingua Berlin, the must-attend […]

Online Business English course – only 200€

Have you studied English for several years, but you would like to get a specific vocabulary, linked to the business world? Are you a trader or a manager and want to increase sales and turnover? Do you have to talk everyday to customers and partners coming from abroad? Then, you should definitely attend the new […]

Educational leave in Germany (Bildungsurlaub): you study and the employer keeps paying you

If you work and live in Germany, you will have heard for sure about Bildungsurlaub. Do you know that you can take some time off for your professional training? Bildungsurlaub is a quite unsual word. It means “educational holiday”, or rather “educational leave”: that is, you can take some time off to attend specific courses […]

Mille Grazie! Italian classes from A1.1 to B2.2 and private classes in Berlin or per Skype

Mille Grazie! The Italian courses of Berlino Schule Mille Grazie! That’s what non-Italians say when they thank someone. Do you know that the right expression is “Grazie mille!”? Never heard of it?! Really?! Then you should definitely start studying Italian. Berlino Schule offers private and group classes. 1 – Private classes live in Berlin or […]

Adjective declension in German

There are many factors to consider when declining German adjectives – But don’t panic! Berlino Schule is here to help you Gute, guten, gutes, guter… do you ever find yourself wondering why the same adjective comes in so many forms? Adjectives are useful tools in a language since they can enrich a text or a […]