Berlino Schule Summer school is back! Study German in Berlin for 2 weeks, 230€, trips and help with accommodation

Super-intensive German courses, extra activities and support in searching for accommodation in Berlin. Berlino Schule Summer school is back!

We entered the threshold of the 20s and we hope they will be roaring just like they were a century ago. For this occasion, Berlino Schule decided to bring back the Summer school, this means two whole weeks of super-intensive German classes. If you are tired of the same old holidays roasting in the the sun and you do not feel like spending the summer in the midst of screaming children, wild waves and scolding hot sand, do not let this opportunity go! 

Berlino Schule

Berlino Schule

The Summer school of Berlino Schule

From July 13th to September 4th you will have the opportunity to attend super-intensive German courses that will last for two weeks. The lessons take place mondays to fridays from 14:30 to 18:45, with a total of 50 teaching units. One unit means a 45-minute-session, as stated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Each Summer school course costs 230 euros. The price includes 8 extracurricular activities (i.e. trips, films, guided tours and parties). If you decide to take two courses, you will pay 440 euros instead of 460 euros. 

Teaching method

Our method of teaching pays a lot of attention to oral communication, practice, introduction and in-depth study. All classes are taught in German, from the lowest levels to the highest ones. Our mission is to let students dive into the language, so that they can start speaking it from the very first day. The student won’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the notions, as our teachers are always ready to revise concepts and grammar rules. Every teacher at Berlino Schule is highly competent and boasts certified experience in the teaching field. Some of them speak fluently both Italian and English (just in case!). Berlino Schule has excellent reviews both on Facebook (5/5) and Google (4.9/5).

Course levels

Those who have never studied German before start with A1.1 (basic). After 50 “hours” of intensive course, you can carry on with A1.2, then A2.1 and so on until C1.2. If you have studied German in the past, but you are not able to define your level, our team offers a placement test in order to assess your linguistic competence. 

Berlino Schule students (Summer school 2019)

Berlino Schule students (Summer school 2019)

Summer school dates

The Summer school takes place place from July 13th to September 4th and it will be divided in four blocks: 13th-24th of July; July 27th- August 7th; 10th-21th of August; August 24th- September 4th. 


I Round (13 July-24 July)

A1.1 13 JULY-24 JULY (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

A2.1 13 JULY-24 JULY (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

B2.1 13 JULY-24 JULY (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

II Round (27 July-7 August)

A1.2 27 JULY-7 AUGUST (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

A2.2 27 JULY-7 AUGUST (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

B2.2 27 JULY-7 AUGUST (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

III Round (10 August-21 August)

A1.1 10 AUGUST-21 AUGUST (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

B1.1 10 AUGUST-21 AUGUST (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

C1.1 10 AUGUST-21 AUGUST (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

IV Round (24 August-4 September) 

A1.2 24 AUGUST-4 SEPTEMBER (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

B1.2 24 AUGUST-4 SEPTEMBER (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

C1.2 24 AUGUST-4 SEPTEMBER (from Monday to Friday, 14:30-18:45)

Berlino Schule

Berlino Schule Summer school 2019

Where is the Berlino Schule

Berlino Schule is located at Gryphiusstraße 23, in the lively neighborhood of Friedrichshain, in the beating heart of Berlin. The closest subway (U-bahn) stops are Ostkreuz, Samariterstraße and Warschauer Straße. It is one of the safest zones and at the same time a very youthful one. Here is focused a very important part of the cultural life and night activity. In the proximities of our school are numerous restaurants that offer dishes from around the world or the possibility to sip some beer at the end of class. 

What does it mean to do an intensive course for two weeks: the prices

The price for one intensive course is 230 euros, if you decided to take two the price will be 440 euros instead of 460. 

Note that: 

  • The 230 euros don’t include traveling expenses and accommodation, but only the German course. 
  • There is no age limit to sign up. No particular nationality is required, neither the knowledge of any specific language.
  • In case of any underage students, we will pay particular attention during the German courses but not outside them. 

Are you looking for accomodation for two to four weeks here in Berlin?

What did you say? You would very much like to, but you are discouraged because finding an apartment in Berlin is basically impossible? Have no fear! Berlino Schule made some deals with a couple of apartment owners, hostels and hotels to make it easier for students to find a place to stay. 

Book the complete package!

You want to enjoy the trip to Berlin in complete relaxation? Then the best solution is trusting us completely. By booking the complete package, you will get accommodation at a hotel and two weekly tickets for the Berlin transportation system (AB zones). Request for a price quotation!

Info and registration

Send us an email at or call, if you’re not in Germany, 0049 30 36465765 (if you are in Germany then call 30 36465765). Our office is open Mondays- Fridays from 8:45 to 19:30. 

Read the Italian version of the article!


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