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New in Berlin and already lost in the city? Here comes Nomaden Berlin with plenty of services to help you relocate!

Berlin is one of the most attractive cities of Europe: every year, thousands of young people pour into the city to breathe a different air

No matter if you are an Erasmus student who wants to start speaking German or a young professional in search for better career perspectives, Berlin is always a good choice. Of course, moving to Berlin is not as easy as one could expect. First of all, you should find an apartment if you do not feel like sleeping under the Oberbaumbrücke. After that, you should register your address in Berlin (have you already heard about the Anmeldung? There is nothing more German than the Anmeldung itself!). Not to mention the fact that if you do not come from an European country, you have to request a visa in order to live for some months on the German soil. So, as you can imagine, the first weeks in Berlin won’t be easy at all. But just when you think you are in the middle of a crisis, Nomaden in Berlin is ready to save your life and your mental health. 

Nomaden Berlin

Nomaden Berlin is a relocation company founded in 2016 that helps new employees, freelancers, job seekers and students get set up in the German capital, by providing accommodation and relocation services. 


  • Nomaden’s studio apartments offer a great base for starting your new life in the German capital. Importantly, you can complete your address registration (Anmeldung) at Nomaden’s apartments, which is an essential step in any successful relocation to Germany. As part of their relocation packages, Nomaden will ensure you register at the address within your first week in Berlin and will take care of all the relevant paperwork. 
  • When booking a relocation package, you can opt for a 1-3 month stay at Nomaden’s self-contained apartments which include a double bed (and all bed linen), a private bathroom and kitchen, flatscreen TV, unlimited WiFi, a personal mailbox, regular apartment cleaning, a staffed front desk, washing facilities on the premises, and much much more!
  • Nomaden also has extensive experience with a wide range of visas for Germany and can assist you with scheduling appointments, completing visa paperwork and ultimately ensuring that you secure a suitable visa, whether for work or study. 

While Nomaden is primarily a paid relocation service, the company also publishes extensive free resources that cover many of the key things you need to know when moving to Berlin. 

So, if you are looking for assistance, we kindly suggest contacting Nomaden Berlin at the following email address: info@nomadenberlin.com

Looking for the Germany language Visa?

The Germany Language Visa allows you to live in Germany for 3 to 12 months on the condition that you are enrolled in an intensive German language course. By ‘intensive’, we mean at least 18 to 20 lesson hours per week. More information can be found hereNomaden Berlin can help by providing you with the useful paperwork and assistance. By the way, if you are looking for a great language school for your intensive courses, do not hesitate to contact Berlino Schule (info@berlinoschule.com). Berlino Schule is offering online as well as offsite courses (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening), and has already worked with several Non-EU students. More information can be found on our website


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Learn German in Berlin

Studying German in Berlin: intensive & super-intensive courses, great quality (4.9/5 on Google) and international atmosphere

Many different levels of German courses in August as well as the rest of summer.

Our students continue to come back to Berlino Schule time and time again and this is evident through the excellent reviews we have received (5/5 on Facebook and 4.9/5 on Google). These positive reviews are due to the consistent quality of our teaching and our competitively low prices. In fact, our students claim to have been positively stimulated by our international, young and dynamic atmosphere. Find our latest offers below which are all available in the upcoming months.

Intensive, super-intensive and evening courses

From July till September, along with our regular intensive and evening courses, we will also offer super-intensive courses. These last 2 weeks each (50hours* in total) and cost €268. Thanks to this type of course, you could be able to complete a whole level within a month! Moreover, our super-intensive courses are part of our Summer School project, which includes up to 15 hours of complementary activities, such as guided tours and film screenings!

Our teaching method

Every course is taught in the target language, i.e. our teachers constantly speak the language that our students want to learn when delivering lessons or explaining concepts. Our method relies on the belief that a total immersion in the language is the most effective way to improve one’s level. Our teachers have regular meetings to ensure the consistency of our method, regardless of the level of each course.


Are you not an European citizen? In order to apply for some kind of visas, the embassy may ask you to prove your German level and/or provide them with a confirmation of enrollment in a German course. Should this be your case, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help you with the paperwork concerning your language status (i.e. you can test your level with one of our teacher and we can provide you with a document in which your level is clearly stated), as well as your studying status (i.e. confirmation of enrollment, confirmation of payment, etc.). Moreover, should the amount of hours in the course you would like to attend not be enough for your specific visa request, we are more than glad to offer you and other students in similar positions, some hours (according to your needs) of tutoring, without any further cost!

First step: choose the right type of course for you!

SUPER-INTENSIVE (SUMMER SCHOOL) COURSES 268€ for 2 weeks. Only in August and September

2 weeks of morning or afternoon classes, 5 hours of lesson per day, four times a week, 50 hours* in total.

INTENSIVE COURSES 192€ for 4 weeks. From September till June

4 weeks of morning classes, 3 hours of lesson per day, four times a week, 48 hours* in total.

EVENING COURSES 240€ for 8 weeks

2 months of evening classes, 2 hours of lesson per day, 2 times a week, 48 hours* in total.

Second step: look at the calendar and pick your course


Super intensive courses (Summer School) – €268

A1.1: 27 AUGUST- 7 SEPTEMBER ( Mon- Fri 9:15-13:30)

A1.2: 27 AUGUST-7 SEPTEMBER (Mon – Fri 14:00-18:15)

A2.1: 27 AUGUST- 7 SEPTEMBER (Mon- Fri 9:15-13:30)

A2.2: 27 AUGUST-7 SEPTEMBER (Mon – Fri 14:00-18:15)

B1.1: 27 AUGUST- 7 SEPTEMBER (Mon- Fri 9:15-13:30)

C1.1: 27 AUGUST-7 SEPTEMBER (Mon – Fri 14:00-18:15)


Intensive courses – €192

A1.1: 11 SEPTEMBER – 5 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 – 11.15)

A1.2: 11 SEPTEMBER – 5 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 11.40 – 14.10)

A2.1: 11 SEPTEMBER – 5 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 – 11.15)

B1.1: 11 SEPTEMBER – 5 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 11.40 – 14.10)

B2.1: 11 SEPTEMBER – 5 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 -11.15)

C1.1: 11 SEPTEMBER – 5 OCTOBER (Tue-Fri 11.40 – 14.10)

Evening courses – €240

A1.1: 10 SEPTEMBER – 31 OCTOBER (Mon and Wed 19.15  – 21.40)

A1.2: 10 SEPTEMBER – 31 OCTOBER (Mon and Wed 19.15 – 21.40)

A2.1: 11 SEPTEMBER – 1 NOVEMBER (Tue and Thu 19.15  – 21.40)

B1.1: 10 SEPTEMBER – 31 OCTOBER (Mon and Wed 19.15  – 21.40)

B2.1: 11 SEPTEMBER – 1 NOVEMBER (Tue and Thu 19.15  – 21.40)

C1.1: 10 SEPTEMBER – 31 OCTOBER (Mon and Wed 19.15  – 21.40)


Intensive courses – €192

A1.1: 9 OCTOBER – 2 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 11.40-14.10)

A1.2: 9 OCTOBER – 2 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 -11.15)

A2.1: 9 OCTOBER – 2 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 11.40-14.10)

A2.2: 9 OCTOBER – 2 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 -11.15)

B1.2: 9 OCTOBER – 2 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 11.40-14.10)

B2.2: 9 OCTOBER – 2 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 -11.15)



Intensive courses – €192

A1.1: 6 NOVEMBER – 30 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 -11.15)

A1.2: 6 NOVEMBER – 30 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 11.40-14.10)

A2.1: 6 NOVEMBER – 30 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 -11.15)

A2.2: 6 NOVEMBER – 30 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 11.40-14.10)

B1.1: 6 NOVEMBER – 30 NOVEMBER (Tue-Fri 8.45 -11.15)

B2.1: 6 NOVEMBER – 30 NOVEMBER (Fue-Fri 11.40 -14.10)

Evening courses – €240

A1.1: 6 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (TUE and THU 19.15 – 21.40)

A1.2: 5 NOVEMBER – 19 DECEMBER (MON and WED 19.15  – 21.40)

B1.2: 5 NOVEMBER – 19 DECEMBER (MON and WED 19.15 – 21.40)

B2.2: 6 NOVEMBER – 20 DECEMBER (TUE and THU 19.15 – 21.40)

C1.1: 5 NOVEMBER – 19 DECEMBER (MON and WED 19.15 – 21.40)


Intensive courses – €192

(3 WEEKS 2h40)

 A1.1 3 DECEMBER – 21 DECEMBER (Mon-Fri 11.40 – 14.20)

 A1.2 3 DECEMBER – 21 DECEMBER (Mon-Fri 8.45 -11.25)

 A2.1 3 DECEMBER – 21 DECEMBER (Mon-Fri 11.40 -14.20)

 A2.2 3 DECEMBER – 21 DECEMBER (Mon-Fri 8.45 -11.25)

 B1.1 3 DECEMBER – 21 DECEMBER (Mon-Fri 11.40 -14.20)

 B1.2 3 DECEMBER – 21 DECEMBER (Mon-Fri 8.45 -11.25)

 B2.2 3 DECEMBER – 21 DECEMBER (Mon-Fri 11.40 -14.20)


learn German in Berlin


Should you need any help to find a place to stay while attending your course, send us an email! Berlino Schule have concluded agreements with some flat tenants in Berlin and can put you in touch with them or provide you with a list of hostels and hotels with fair prices which are close to the school.

Skype lessons

The language school “Berlino Schule” is located in Berlin and gives you the opportunity to study German directly from home thanks to our teachers and the private lessons conducted via Skype. We aim at making education accessible to everyone, even those not living in Germany or even those who cannot attend the school. Our individual and Skype classes are made for beginners (A1.1) as well as advanced learners (C1) and the other levels. An attendance certificate will be given to you at the end of your eLearning classes. If you want to take individual classes, no previous knowledge is required. Our flexible schedule will meet your specific linguistic needs and working hours. The attendance will be defined with the school. The price is €28 per hour (45 minutes). Send to us your application and you will have the chance to attend lessons comfortably from home. Contact us at info@berlinoschule.com for further information.


At Berlino Schule, in Gryphiusstr. 23, in Friedrichshain, one of the best, safest and most lively areas in Berlin. Moreover the school is within walking distance of the East Side Gallery (the longest segment of the Berlin Wall still standing), one of the main touristic attractions of the capital city.

Course calendar

Berlino Schule offers courses for everyone: intensive, evening and conversation ones. The whole language offer is available on the official school website.
Consult here the complete German courses calendar of Berlino Schule.

Info & Registration

Should you need further information or want to register for one of the above-mentioned courses, feel free to contact us at info@berlinoschule.com !

*As defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and applied to all language schools, one hour of lesson consists of 45 minutes.