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Drawing workshop – 20€ for a trial day!

The new drawing workshop of Berlino Schule is coming soon! Only 195€ for an outstanding art experience!

Are you tired of drawing from phone pictures and you want to have a real art experience? Do you want to connect more with yourself and others through the spiritual practice of live portrait painting? You belong to the ones who have never attended one lockdown art class on Zoom because you were waiting for the real thing?!

Berlino Schule has just come up with an extraordinary drawing workshop, which is going to be held by Jake Sherwood, an English artist, who has been portraying complete strangers on the streets of London, Neaples and Berlin over the past three years.

The drawing workshop of Berlino Schule

Berlino Schule’s drawing workshop starts on the 25th of March and ends on the 15th of April. The classes take place every Friday, from 19:00 to 21:00 at Berlino Schule, Gryphiustrasse 23 (Berlin). All the material and equipment will be provided by the teacher.

We allow max. 12 participants.



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Un post condiviso da Jake Sherwood (@be.of.value)

What you will be able to do at the end of the course

  • Understand the difference between ‘mistakes’ and your authentic voice.
  • Understand the three most common areas that cause unbalance to a portrait (Placement, Focus, and Anatomy).
  • Practice the art of listening to the painting and be compassionate with your own opinion.
  • Understand why the eyes, nose and mouth are so different and master all three.
  • Take away two easily applicable techniques for drawing any face in any position.
  • Understand expression in the face and where it ‘collects’.

Who the course is for

The course is for all the ones who:

  • are tired of drawing naked people with no faces at Life Drawing
  • are tired of their own portraits because they end up looking the same
  • refused to attend lockdown art classes on Zoom because they were waiting for the real thing
  • attended may lockdown art classes and now feel the difference with a live class
  • want to make that jump into colour but need a little push
  • would love to draw better portraits of their own family and friends
  • have ever just wanted to draw themselves well in a mirror and love the work they have made

Materials and extras

All the material and equipment will be provided by the teacher (inks, pastels, water pastels, sanguine pencils, 140g watercolour paper). At the end of the workshop, there will be an exhibition in a local restaurant (Spaccanapoli, Wühlischstraße 12, Berlin), an invitation to go live portrait drawing in Mitte with Jake and a document with all the playlist from the classes, links to materials and best places to buy them in Berlin.

The teacher

Jake Sherwood is a London born artist interested in authenticity. Both authenticity’s meaning in portrait painting and its positive power to change our relationship to the world. He has been a live portrait artist for over three years, drawing complete strangers on the street of London, Naples and now Berlin.

Instagram profile


Visualizza questo post su Instagram


Un post condiviso da Jake Sherwood (@be.of.value)


Price for the trial on the 25th of March: 20€
Price for the whole course: 195€ (materials included)
If you pay 20€ for the trial and you then decide to sign up for the workshop, you will pay 175€ instead of 195€!

Info and registration

For info and registration send us an email at info@berlinoschule.com

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Drawing with pencil, the brand new workshop of Berlino Schule held by an American artist

Drawing with pencil is the brand new workshop that is going to start at Berlino Schule

On the 4th of October, starting from 8 p.m., Berlino Schule (Gryphiustrasse 23) will host the FIRST TRIAL CLASS of the drawing with pencil course – basic level – held by the American figurative painter Nick Skoug.

For the first lesson, you’ll be required to bring one or more drawings in order to discuss them during the class. After it, the teacher will do a demo in order to show what you will be learning in the next sessions.

 If you would like to participate, please send an email to info@berlinoschule.com


After the first lesson, the course will take place every Thursday from 20 to 21:30 until the 15th of November. The lessons will be held in English. The price of the whole course amounts to 140€.


Students will learn the basics of observational drawing. Topics covered will include: gesture, line, light and shade, light logic, perspective,and proportion. Each session will include a critique and feedback on student work. The course will conclude with an exhibition of the students’ work.


Introduction – Free trial class
For the first lesson, you will all look at a drawing that you have brought, the teacher will give some feedback and then do a demo for the rest of the class. This will demonstrate what you will be learning in the next sessions.

Lesson 1 – Gesture

This lesson will focus on basic sketching, and capturing the gesture, or ‘feeling’, of what you are drawing. This is the first step that lays the foundation for a finished drawing, and gives a sense of life and movement to the subject.
Lesson 2 – Line
Lesson 2 will cover line drawing. You will do some exercises focusing on the lines and contours of the subject, training the eye to follow the outside edge and the ‘inner corners’.
Lesson 3 – Value
Following the line drawing, this lesson will focus on light and shade. You will look at the range of value (chiaroscuro), from the lightest to the darkest parts of the drawing, and how to organise them and put them down.
Lesson 4 – Light logic
Continuing on from the last lesson, this one will take a closer look at light and shade. You will now look at the different types of light and dark (highlights, cast shadows, reflected light, etc.).
Lesson 5 – Perspective and proportion
Finally you will look at perspective (one and two point) and how it figures into a drawing. You will also look at proportion, and how to effectively measure when drawing and show depth and space in 2D space.
Lesson 6 – Outside drawing
For the final lesson, you will go outside and do some drawing from life. This will be a great opportunity to apply everything you have learned in class in real space.


Graphite drawing pencils (2B, 4B, 6B)
One kneaded eraser (Knetradiergummi)
One drawing pad (A2 size recommended) or a sketch pad


Originally from the Los Angeles area, Nick Skoug is a figurative painter that lives and works in Berlin. Before moving to Germany, he studied drawing and painting in California.
After receiving his BFA from the California State University, Long Beach, he came to Europe, attracted by the history and the art. This interest was encouraged by a brief study abroad in Florence and an ongoing study of the German language.
With a foundation in traditional observational techniques, he explores a variety of subjects. While these subjects are often contemporary, the past continually asserts itself as well.


From the 4th of October tll the 15th of November – each Thursday from 20 to 21:30. 
Berlino Schule, Gryphiusstr. 23, 10245 Berlin
Price: 140 €
Info and registration: info@berlinoschule.com